Sun, Apr 28th, 2002 | 7:49pm

Some people have asked me, Why don't you have a LiveJournal?

Well, Timmy, first of all, I don't bother to read anyone else's unless it's a matter of life and Nazis. My thinking is, anyone who's feelings I care enough about to want to keep tabs on is probably some one I actually know, that I speak to. If I can't tell how they're feeling from that, or if I'm not close enough to the person to be someone they'd actually tell me about that kind of stuff, then I doubt I'll to go insane from being deprived of that information. Vice versa of the above also applies.

Second, I'd probably be terrible at maintaining one anyway. I can see it now - I'd only ever update it when I was really flaming mad or depressed about something and I wanted to vent about it (much like my website news), and they'd all start with "Don't you hate it when ..." or "Ever get the feeling that ..," respectively.

Third, well, that's partially what website news is for, right? :)

Current Mood: Concerned :o
Current Music: Quake Soundtrack (it's the darkest thing I can find)