Nick, the first trip I make with my new car will be out to Rhode Island to personally hand you your own ass. You've been warned.

86 new, 84 of them worthless.  That's today.

On a slightly happier note, Lun3DM4 has been done and on the server for about a month, I was just too lazy to really post anything here. Lazy and busy with finals, but it's not like those were very difficult. ;p

You can grab it off FOV120 (which is almost ready, honest - a malfunctioning wireless LAN is keeping me from uploading the appropriate files) here and as always, CPMA can be found at the usual place. The Lun3DM4 info page isn't up yet (see above wireless thingie) but as soon as it is you can be sure I'll come back and replace this sentence with a link to it and deny the whole thing.