Does the Site Look Different?

Mon, Nov 6th, 2006 | 9:11am

No? Good. It shouldn't, really. Maybe a little, but it was really supposed to more or less stay the same. It's all completely new fun going on in the background, which I pushed to semi-completion this weekend. That's my excuse for the menu at the top being so terribly sparse.

To the layman, you're probably here for the maps if nothing else, and that's all (mostly) available. Haven't put the oldest of the old up yet. If you're not a layman, you should also already know where what you're looking for is tucked away.

Special apologies go out to Opera users, who are currently staring at a white screen with nothing in it. I have absolutely no idea why! :D Edit: Opera is pickier about comment syntax than Firefox. Thanks to rebb for not being too bleary-eyed to actually investigate.

Stay tuned! 'Stuff' is coming back, as is 'Art.' I have plenty to contribute to both.