LunSP1 Secrets

When Kell released Contract Revoked, a hidden area at the end revealed a link to a page he put up indexing all of the secrets in the pack, many of which are pretty crafty. I enjoy hiding things in maps as much as he does, although I'm not sure I measure up in cleverness. Still, I decided to index the secrets in LunSP1 in a (disturbingly) similar manner.


This isn't a secret, but the solution to the final puzzle can sometimes be elusive. To attack Chthon, all three electrodes must be lowered, but the three buttons always reverse the positions of the opposite two, ordinarily making it impossible to get three down at once. The buttons will not cause an electrode to reverse position when the electrode is retracting into the ceiling, which is indicated by a light above it changing from green to blinking red. There are therefore any number of ways to bring all three down, but by getting at least one electrode moving upward (either by triggering it twice or jumping on the attack button early) you can make one of the opposite two switches only affect one other electrode. All three can be brought down in this manner with a minimum of four button presses, plus the actual attack.

One sequence that works well is to cross to the far button and hit it, loop back to the fire button, then hit one of the near buttons on your way back to the far button, then loop back to the fire button again.


Overlooking the canyon that opens onto the first entrance is an armor jacket on a ledge that winds around to overlook the west platform. A recessed stair in the rock wall is within jumping distance of the top of the last light stand. Run at the light and jump at it late, and the slope will push you up on top. Jump from there to the ledge.


In the caves to the east of the main room, a small unsourced light is noticably pulsing near the surface of a small pool of slime. An envirosuit sits just below the surface - jump into the slime and grab it. Cross the main room to the other side of the superstructure, and turn around. Another pulsing light points down one leg of the structure into the slime. Jump in here, swim down to the button below, and get out before the suit fails. The thin spire in the center opens to reveal more goodies.


Under the circular stairs in the north hub, a shootable door at the base of the center tower is marked by a cleaner and slightly offset texture.


Overlooking the ring-shaped platform in the northwest caves is a small alcove with a pentagram. Hidden below the platform is a slipgate at the base of the tower. Dive off and swim quickly to the edge.


The lift that leads up to the silver key has a door beneath it that opens when the lift comes down. Hit the button and block the lift with your body when it comes down (this will hurt) until the door has opened far enough to drop through. A slipgate is revealed below to take you back up.


The ribs of the northeast superstructure are closely spaced enough to jump from one to the next, with caution. Approaching the silver key bridge, turn right and begin vaulting across to the rocky ledge. Further goods are available by dropping from here down to the ledge beneath and following it outside.


A quad damage is hidden in a dark alcove above the gold key room. Raising the lift that leads down to the platform reveals a slipgate beneath that leads up to the alcove.


Concentric Devastation really only has seven secrets - this one shouldn't count because it's stupid. Beneath the slime outside the gold key bunker is a shootable grate which leads to a small chamber with a megahealth. If you're very fast you can find the secret and get out of the slime with about 5 or 10 more hit points than you went in with. Wave hi to the portrait inside before you leave.