Bal3DM4 Released (take two)

Sat, Apr 7th, 2001 | 2:35pm

Quick update to inform you that Bal3DM4: Scrap Metal II has been released (finally). What's so great about it? Well, besides the fact that it's a map by Bal, one of the most skilled yet masochistically modest mappers in town, it's painted in Lun3DM2 Blue textures. :D

Nab it and every other map Bal has ever made. Schnell!

I had decided I wanted to wait to write a script that would make it easy to load old news updates from the database to modify them (ie fix typos and blatantly screwed up HTML) until I needed it, and now that I've immediately screwed up the second update I can't get it to work. :p So I deleted it and now I'm reposting it, if you're wondering.

IRC Quotes:

<Shambler> ok
<Shambler> fewer links to people pulling their own assrims wide open would be good, thanks
<Shambler> oooops
<Shambler> wrong copy and paste

<CZG|TheGlum> deathmatching inside the queen mum would be freaky