Trouble Downloading Lun3DM3?

Sun, Jun 24th, 2001 | 12:34pm

I've so far gotten about five times more e-mails along the lines of "Help, I can't download your map" than I have "Wow, your map rocks," which always worries me because it means both that you aren't getting the direct download service you deserve as impatient human beings, and my ego isn't being fed.

My only advice is to download the file again. The only theory I can come up with is that everyone who's having problems with the file tried to download it while I was re-uploading it last night, and therefore didn't get the entire thing. The file on the server right now is good, but since I haven't yet confirmed that everyone having problems downloaded around the same time last night I can't really say for sure that it isn't some almighty buggery from above.

Typical that all this comes right on the heels of such a wonderfully energetic rant against FilePlanet, no? =P