Hey, Look, it Works Again

Sat, Jul 28th, 2001 | 11:15am

For those of you that don't read Fragland.net's front page news, their webserver has been the target of repeated DoS attacks for a couple weeks. Don't as me why, but in the middle of all of that the only guy with keys to the server room went on vacation for a week and took the keys with, henceforth totally buggering the whole network until two days ago. And, of course, when they finally did restart it they managed to blow the hard drive, leading to the wonderful MySQL errors visitors have been greeted with over the past few days. I would have changed the index page to show a polite little warning and "please come back later" message, perhaps with a cute little cartoon of Lunaran, but my FTP client login wasn't working either. I actually haven't checked that yet either (I update news through a page script) but I'll assume it's working too now that everything I e-mailed Gizmo about seems fix0red.

I'm still a bit pissed that all this downtime came right after the Lun3DM3 release, which more or less killed its popularity (on top of the fact that I actually got a fair amount of feedback that everyone still likes Lun3DM2 better, much to my surprise) ... but seeing as it was mostly out of Fragland's control I can't entirely blame them.

If you've still been missing this map, it's still right here at the maps page.