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Orange Whip

LunDM1 - Released for Quake on June 28th, 2008

In a blender, mix equal parts Pull Your Socks Up and Tangerine Dream with Cointreau and colored lighting to taste. Cover, and allow to sit for three months. Uncover, siphon off colored lighting (leaving a trace amount is okay), and spend your day off making tweaks and random changes. Pour into a highball glass and top with a slice of orange. Yields a great deal of trick jumps and potentially overpowering polycounts, and serves 2-4.

This was one of those projects begat of that special kind of boredom where one needs to be creative and productive, but one doesn't want to direct it at anything one has already started. Something quick, I felt, was necessary. A mapping fix. So why not take a map I had already designed, and rebuild it for a game that was even easier to map for?

Significant changes from the original are few. Jumppads are replaced with one teleporter and one lift, and slanted ledge-lips provide a good deal of the double-jump functionality of small light fixtures. The teleporter-to-nowhere near the RA in the original, while loltastic, was pared down to just a ramp, as were all the stairs to maximize ramp jumps.

A lot of the changes were intended to try and counteract Quakeworld's sometimes one-sided 1v1 gameplay (where whoever wins the first few encounters becomes the "up" player, who proceeds to own the "down" player's face until the end of the match) by encouraging upsets. Two RL's (like the original) make it easier for the down player to grab viable armament, two YA's instead of the standard YA/RA pair give the up player less of a hit point advantage, and health is mostly placed where time and/or height have to be sacrificed to grab it. Two low arches were also added to the top level to stop bunnyhoppers, because it was too easy to patrol the entire map by orbiting around the top level.

Name-ology: 'Orange Whip' is a reference to a John Candy line in The Blues Brothers, and makes the perfect nod to Frib's map, on which the texture set is based.


Play It

  • Brushes: 932
  • Modes: Deathmatch
  • Players: 2-4
  • Requirements: Because of the open, quake3ish layout, r_speeds are up to 1034 in the worst case, so something more modern than software Winquake is probably a necessity. A modified Quake engine with .lit support is also necessary if you want the light coming from the lava to look orangey, but not required. You'll probably use EZQuake, which is fine.
  • Filesize: 450KB

Local Download | The Shub-Hub

Source .map (released under the terms of the GPL)