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The Lost Fleet

Q4DM3 - Shipped in Quake 4 on July 1st, 2005

This map was the first of my work on Quake4, completed within only a few days of even being given a desk at my new Raven position. Q4DM3 was originally built by Bob Bettenberg in the Commandship texture set, which was later repainted, wrecking the map. Bettenberg left Raven (not over the texture thing) and the map drifted for a while, receiving only enough love and retexturing to keep it afloat. The day I started, I was assigned to remake it in its former Commandshippy glory (which I never actually saw), and oh by the way our Beta date is Thursday so you have three days to finish it.

All layout credit goes to him (there was a slight bit of work on my part but it consisted solely of removing a teleporter I didn't like), as does the resulting QuakeWorld-reminiscent gameplay. The original item placement did much the same thing for the play style, but id considered it too "pro" for Quake3-style gameplay, and items were summarily moved about. This didn't stop Bob from releasing a remix after Q4 was released, which was pretty much the same map with the items and layout put back the way he had them. :)

Responsibility: Construction, lighting, and performance adjusts. Bob Bettenberg for layout, id software for item placement. I had nothing to do with the X360 version of this map.