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Campgrounds Redux

Q4DM9 - Shipped in Quake 4 on March 27th, 2006

A lot of the Quake4 team was big on Rocket Arena 3, and as people who are big on Rocket Arena 3 are apparently required to do by law, they played Q3DM6 almost exclusively (interrupted only by brief periods of work, and RA3MAP13). One day, someone noticed that this new level designer guy could design levels. Since a remake of Campgrounds didn't wind up in retail Quake4 (being passed over in favor of the totally much better Q3DM17), endless pestering of Lunaran began. "Lunaran," (they said), "I think you should make a Campgrounds remake."

I started it in half a dozen texture sets (like Network, Tram, and Hub) in an effort to do something new, and while I could probably make a new map with any of those with enough effort, none of them were malleable enough to bend to an existing map - which I had to stick to exactly. I navigated under the assumption that any tiny change to the layout or gameplay would lead to my mysterious and untimely murder at the hands of internet forum posters, so I started with the original and stuck to it as close as I could. After all that work to be visually original, I eventually settled on the Airdefense textures and gave the map pretty much the same treatment I gave Lun3DM4 - rust, orange lights, and occasional substitution of architecture with pipes and rocks - so, so much for being original. At least there's no birds.

Fun ensued when it was learned id software had done their own remake of Q3DM6, based on one of the early versions I had scrapped. Compromise was reached with my architecture and lighting being merged with their item placement and new health ledges.

Responsibility: Construction, terrain modelling, lighting, and performance adjusts. id software for layout and item placement.