Touching Base

Tue, Sep 4th, 2001 | 6:12pm

I survived the ill-timed Labor Day trip quite easily, came away from it quite a few e-mail addresses and one swiss army knife heavier, and spent much less time packing today than I thought I would. Mr. Kimpewter goes to bits this evening when everything goes into the car and that, gentlemen, is how we do that.

The one last thing I had to do before leaving for the next phase of my life was copy all my sister's music and school bits and such crap onto a CD to leave here (I want those 300mb back, dammit), and, so, I did. Since it's a new CD-RW, since the old one is bleedin' demised, I figured I'd better check the files on the CD just to make sure it worked, so I opened her music folder (not without a good deal of shuddering) and picked a song totally at random to listen to.

What I heard was the sound of Green Day's "Time of Your Life."

This is Lunaran, sole survivor of the refinery ship Nostromo, signing off.