I'm not really back ...

Mon, Sep 10th, 2001 | 3:03pm

I was really looking forward to high-speed college access. Really I was. But, alas, the ethernet won't be set up in the building, which is a brand new construction, until as late as the beginning of October. On top of that, strange embuggerances with the phone in my room causes a busy signal to be spit back halfway through the number unless you dial it just so, meaning I can't even fall back on my fecking dialup as a contingency.

Instead, I've had to fall back on extreme emergency plan C, involving using the school computer lab in Dyson house. I can update my page, I can get at my mail (at both the old evil address and the new school address which is still about as evil since the only way to get at it is through a rather irritating HTML webmail system), and I can get to sites like the QBoard, but I can't upload anything to anywhere or accept file attachments (I'm on a bloody green Imac with a round mouse and no floppy drive). Meaning, CF people, don't mail me anything, and don't ask me for anything, until I can actually respond properly.

In the words of Biff, "Dag."