Bizarro Lunaran

Mon, Oct 22nd, 2001 | 8:56pm

Let me state for the record right now just to make sure everybody knows that my name is Lunaran. Lunaran. That's ELL YOO ENN AY ARR AY ENN. Lunaran. Not LUNARIAN. There's no I, see? It's Lu—I mean it changes the whole pronunciation!

Inspired by yet another pitiful waif spelling my name wrong, I decided to go on another hunt. Remember that little bit of fun I had before while googling the word "Lunaran"? And how it wasn't actually any fun because 99% of it was indeed me? Well, apparently, this Lunarian fellow is equally promiscuous. However, there are a few very strange coincidences latent in this search.

  • - supposedly an epicenter for lunar calendars and such, but all I get when I go there is a black page. HOWEVER, upon viewing source, I find hidden in the ill-scribed contents of this poor page the note, "Page created by SavannahNow Design, Inc." For the slow in the audience, I'm currently in Savannah. WhooOOooaaAAaah!
  • - an anime card trading center. dear god, I narrowly missed being associated with something anime related. :O
  • The homepage of a techno artist named Lunarian. Here's freaky coincidence number 2: he's from Espoo, Finland, the very same town from which hails my colleague, friend, and fellow mapper Friction. Now, I'm not sure how big Espoo is, but seeing as it's in Finland that puts a fairly hefty cap on its potential population to begin with.
  • Lunarian's LiveJournal - he seems like kind of a sad person, no?
  • A Lunarian Poet - thank god I don't look like that (nor my art).
  • The Nietzche/CIA/Moon Men Conspiracy - Err ... yeah. WTF?
  • This Anime Babe - I may not mind looking like that, or at least knowing someone that did.
  • A book called The Lunarian Astonished came up a whole bunch of times with reference to the Devil's Dictionary (link link link link.
  • Wirehead's Map Index - AARGH!! God dammit! Not ONLY did he call me Lunarian TWICE, he referred to Lun3DM1 AND 2 as Quake II themed maps!! What the hell?!
  • Only a billion other things came up referring to all things related to the Moon as Lunarian, but the Moogle of Greatness is probably the only one really worth mentioning. It actually broke my wierdometer.

    god, a third freaky coincidence would have REALLY tied this list together.