Back From/On Hiatus

Mon, Nov 12th, 2001 | 12:34am

<insert usual blathering about how this is the usual "I'm not dead yet" update here>

Funny thought, though. My neighbor (an architecture major I'm in the process of teaching to map :) ) figured that you'd expect the mighty Lunaran to have a huge uberninja computer setup with multiple monitors and 14 terabytes in a RAID farm, when in reality I have less than 1 GHz, no internet access at the moment, a huge PC tower that's really just mostly empty space inside and missing the door panel outside, a floppy drive with no outer cover, a monitor that keeps dimming and requires successively harder whacks each time to get it back to normal ...

But I stopped at a Stuckey's in Scottsmoor, FL today and bought a box of disgusting pecan candies, so I'm all set for a while. :D