Re-Returned Back Again Once More

Tue, Nov 27th, 2001 | 12:40pm

Not only is Fragland back from yet another period of downtime (why does it seem like Fragland's own pages manage to conveniently muster themselves into existence while all the hosted sites, namely me, lose service?), I am also back, again, from my tour of duty at Scad.

I'm aware that this is just turning into a string of posts telling everyone where I am, which I'm sure you could care less about. To try and break the evil cycle I oughta give another progress update on CF:

There's been no progress. Right. I, for one, did blark-all in the past ten weeks I spent at school (even though I had about enough free time to complete all the maps for CF as well as a dozen more for a sequel and written the great American novel on top of that), and neither has anyone else. We really just can't get much done without some code in place, and you're already aware of the Curse of the Coriolis Force Programmer.

So there you have it. I'm going to try and force myself to keep placing brushes even though I have no single player entities or even a single player game structure in place to work with, but as for the rest of the team, god knows.