New Shit Has Come to Light

Fri, May 3rd, 2002 | 10:35pm

Been a long time again since an update, but with good reason. I've got something fabulously new cooking, and even though it's not finished yet I've opened it up to exploration and traffic just cuz. Behold:

I am not closing the Fragland site, first of all. is hosted (very graciously, for no fee) by a friend of mine off his home webserver, something he runs for fun anyway. His 1.5mbit DSL line is not exactly something that can handle a ton of large downloads (like, maps or something, maybe), so will still be around as a sort of shell. I'll still put mapping and CF-related news here (not that there has been much recently, but I may yet pull another map out of my ass), and files will still be available here, but everything else is moving over to the new digs. See you there. :D