Where have I been?

Tue, Aug 13th, 2002 | 5:39pm

Jeebus, I cannot believe I last updated in May. Early May, at that. There's so much stuff I could have blathered about idly here in the meantime.

I spent a week in New York. I got a job working for a sightseeing boat company as a deckhand in downtown Chicago. The Liberator website has progressed amazingly. Oh, did I mention the Liberator itself has progressed amazingly? We've got crew, we've got membership at AES, we post logs, we meet, we have a blast ... it's great. I could have responded about the whole AES split thing as well.

I could write my opinion of Winamp3 (I'm sure if you know me well enough you can guess what it is ). I don't think you want to hear about all the crap I've gone through with my FE950 - god, what a sad story. I loved that thing ...

I could have told you about my week with salmonella, or carpet shopping for the new room next year, or the comic strip [ 1 2 3 ] about my roommate and myself in aforementioned room next year (despite the art style being a total ripoff of a much beloved and oft-imitated webcomic).

I'll have to take several opportunities to spout about all of those things (and, where applicable, put up pictures) over the next few weeks, which I will also supplement with things like the soon-to-be-mine new Wacom tablet I'm getting.

Oh, right, and the page still doesn't work in opera, since I haven't, you know, worked on it.