Site worklog

Sun, Oct 6th, 2002 | 4:04pm

As you can quite clearly see, great changes in the design are afoot. As is to be expected, Opera and Netscape both have their own little strange affinities for uglying up the design (Opera by insisting on a white border around everything and ignoring stylesheets, again, and Netscape by refusing to open any submenus). And how do you like the new News icons? Cute, aren't they? I found them all with Google. Hopefully the parents of the babies in the pictures I yoinked off of various "Higgins Family Baby Album" webpages and the like won't come along and notice their children boxed along the gutter of the site.

The news/archive pages, maps pages, and art pages are all converted and functional. Pre-Lun3DM1 maps don't yet have entries, but those, as well as the About pages, are in the pipeline.

Speaking of Pipeline, I'm going to have Part One (1) of the Lun3DM4 Journal up probably tomorrow evening. Thinking, theorizing, and planning is already afoot and since the textures are already assembled, construction can really begin almost right away. I'll be employing the same method I always do - build the "rough" map first to work out good proportions and fiddle with the layout, and then construct the final based on the sketch brushwork.

Speaking of FOV120, I'm a little unsure as to what role exactly the 'satellite site' will play with regards to the main site. The only reason I kept the Fragland site around was to provide a non-local non-Fileplanet download for my maps (which, at 3-6mb each, can be fairly hefty when a few thousand people all download them within a few days of their release). I didn't want to smash Monseigneur Eubank's server with big file downloads (I'm pushing my welcome as it is just with normal site traffic), but since Sleepy offered me the same free hosting on his and Aard's paid, ad-free web server I can't imagine I'd feel any more comfortable using fov120 for the same thing. Plus, do I mirror all the map-related content of this site there? Keep all the map-related content there? If I do that, should I use the same design in both places and just have the appropriate links point at each other, as if they were one site? Or use a different design? Offer more unique map-related stuff at the satellite and focus on everything else here?

For god's sake, what do I DO?! Anyway. I'll figure that out shortly.