Rebirth of the Computer

Fri, Nov 1st, 2002 | 4:46pm

Here is my advice to anyone who plans on buying a hard drive:

Don't get it from IBM. They call the DeskStar the "Deathstar" for a reason, that reason being the so called 'scratch of death.' I got it, my roommate last year got it, everyone eventually gets it. And then, like me, they just get a Western Digital for the same price.

Copying all your vital data from the old drive to the new is quite a lot of fun when your power supply is too cheap to support more than two drives at a time. So, on top of a new keyboard (check) and new hard drive (check), as well as a new monitor and replacement speakers (on the list), I've now got to pick up a new power supply. I'll probably just wind up getting a whole new case.

Seeing as while the deathstar was busy denying me access to many of my programs (Such as IE - I actually said "Thank god I installed Netscape" at one point before I caught myself) and threatening to deprive me of data, I didn't do a thing map wise. I instead occupied my time skinning Winamp3. At this point I'd like to go off on a little tangent - why is every single skin available for winamp3 some big gay orb? I don't want a big gay orb. I don't want art. I want something that's actually useful. I honestly think I may be creating the only rectilinear Winamp3 skin since the default.

You gotta love installing Netscape and unchecking every single option in the installer. No, I don't want product updates, no I don't want RealPlayer or this or that or the other thing. I'm only installing you for website testing anyway. And is anyone else really sick of deleting these things from every corner of their desktop every day?

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