Return of the Bald One

Thu, Dec 5th, 2002 | 3:43am

For the past few days I've finally had the time (seeing as it's winter break and I have no job) to finally put some use to this newfangled Wacom tablet I've been using as an expensive and not-bendable mousepad since August. I must say I'm rather pleased with the results - I can now fully realize how Nunuk manages to smear his butt on his wacom tablet between lunch and dinner and produce stuff I'd spend a week on and put at the very front of my portfolio.

I did some sketchy black and white self portraits, using still frames from the 16mm Deadline project (I hope to have a small enough download of that shortly so you can all see how girly I look when I pretend to run for my life), and after doing mediocre-ly proportioned jobs on each one I decided I was ready for color. :)

My portrait of Arkwright (the most accurate one yet, but I'm still not completely happy with the nose) turned out darn well in 2 afternoon'n'evenings. It's blatantly from reference, but I look at it and see something I would have thought would take me days and days of toil when it was really just sort of one day of lots of use of the finger tool and asking Jon what was wrong with it.

Gold hoop earrings and white undershirt not included, although I bet he smells like lemon. :) Er ...

I detailed the process of bringing him to life also, just because I had all those (14 or so) saved versions lying around.