Twenty-Seven Inches, Slightly Curved

Fri, Jan 10th, 2003 | 6:16pm

I'm back in Savannah, and they're robbing students already. So ... post holiday wrap up time.

Unreal Tournament 2003: I'm going to be quick. It's a bloody shame the gameplay is still just as spammy as UT if not more so. I'm most of the way through the first (if there's more than one) teamplay ladder, currently working on CTF, and the teamplay isn't that bad. If you play UT2 (I refuse to type 2k3 because I hate the 'k' cliche :) ) for an extended period of time, like, most of the day every day for a week like I had the chance to while home on break, you get used to it and actually develop some degree of what I guess could be called skill by people that don't know better. :) Auhsan has a quit message that sums it up perfectly:

Watching someone play Quake 3 is like watching a skilled pianist. Watching someone play UT2003 is like watching someone with multiple sclerosis trying to type the word 'mississippi.'

Owned. :)

It's an excellent milestone of just how detailed FPS games are getting nowadays, though. The majority of the geometry in all the maps is static mesh (a lot of which is unfortunately NOT CLIPPED OFF DAMMIT). It's pretty insane ... and makes me wonder quite a bit how the hell I'm going to manage to keep up.

And. Behold the new TV. It wasn't the one we were looking at, because it was over $300 and grossly oversized for our room (which is 18 feet long ... so 27" is a sizable percentage of the actual volume of the room), but Chris had the good sense to ask for help from an employee even though we didn't need it and we wound up getting the display model, which had only been out for a few hours, for 299.99. Cindy, if you're reading, you rock.

Now the not so fun stuff. The website may be experiencing some temporary downtime or slowness, because Monsegnieur Eubank's DSL provider is owned by DirecTV, which is going down the tubes and taking his server with it. A new contract has apparently been signed with someone new and hopefully just as reliable (well, actually, I guess we should hope for someone a little more reliable, at least in the longevity category) for about the same price, so if the website disappears for a few days while all the DNS and IP stuff makes the transition, don't panic.

Not that this website experiencing downtime would put thousands out of work or any shit like that, but this is, after all, the News page.

One last piece of information. Lun3DM4 is out of alpha phase, and RPG and I are undergoing my famed brushworker-texturer duo idea. If you're not familiar, the idea is the first mapper (ie RPG) builds the map with no textures. No thought to a texture set or anything - straight architecture, totally liberated. Then it's the second mapper (ie ME)'s job to come up with a texture set that fits it, texture it, and light it. Voila.

This whole process will be available in the mapping journal, that I still intend on doing! sometime soon. Ha ha ha ha ha. Watch in the future, I'm sick of typing this, I'm gonna find something else to do.