Change in the Weather

Sun, Jul 13th, 2003 | 4:39am

There's a couple important things going on at the moment, and they're all related. There are important unrelated things too, of course, but they have no bearing here and thus will not be mentioned.

It all started when LvL suddenly actually posted a review of Lun3DM4. (Oh, yeah, it's out still, btw.) This prompted me to actually finish getting up to a functioning state, because everyone that read the review would probably be surfing over and I didn't want them to find a website with no news updates and no maps.

After I did that, for some wierd reason I felt the need to convert all the old old news updates from into the database. They're all available in the archive now - just about all of the images and links are broken, none have cute little baby icons, and the oldest don't even have titles. But ... they've been preserved. I thought it might be pertinent that my sage writings might need rescue as seems to have already converted into a Rise of Nations website and I have no clue how long my aging and neglected hosting there is even going to last.

In a short while the map content will disappear from this website and simply link you over to the fov120 site, which is identical to this one except it's green.

The unrelated news ... I bought a used Volkswagen and it gave me hives.