I'm still playing Doom3 (I haven't even been to Hell yet, the reviews I've heard of which are as mixed as those for the game itself), and I am of course still working on Byzantine. Thought I'd reassure you all of that.

When I say "you all" I'm referring specifically to the sudden influx of 5k+ visitors my cheapass site counter tells me have come to call in the week and a half since P-Day (see previous update). Previous to that it took me over two years to accumulate 7k. Apparently scat will always be more popular than video games.

Speaking of video games, an attempt of mine to show off to a girl just how cool we mappers are was foiled by the fact that lunaran.fov120.com is no longer lunaran.fov120.com. As a matter of fact, it's my professional opinion that it does in fact appear to be gomjabbar.fov120.com. Aard and Sleepwalkr had a recent server crash over there and apparently never restored the subdomains, and for whatever odd reason Gom is the lucky default. It could be worse, though - look what happened to MPQ.

Since I wasn't planning on being there much longer anyway, I've moved the map content back to lunaran.com. The Maps link in the little hard-to-read navigation bar up there now goes to a local page just like the Art link. Of particular note is the fact that it works better than it used to, namely that my laziness subsided long enough for me to create a page for Gridiron and to make links to maps without pages just redirect straight to the zip file instead of do nothing at all.

On top of that, I also made a page for the ill-fated Coriolis Force. It consists of what amounts more or less to a eulogy, and as last will and testament I've uploaded the original design document so you can read about how cool it would have been if the whole project had been finished with a bang, not a whimper.

Voice recording for the four characters in Byzantine will be conducted at my house probably Friday. I'll have to construct a makeshift recording studio, probably by lining a spare room with a few of the many big sound-absorbant quilts that a suburban household with easy access to a grandma that knits tends to accumulate. The results are sure to be 'ghetto,' in the parlance of our times. As long as the sound quality of the eventual audio isn't, I couldn't care less.

Oh, I almost forgot, today marks the day that the federal government has decided to afford me the privilege of purchasing alcoholic beverages. I am in reality more excited about being able to replace my godawful driver's license photo.