HL2DM is a good bit of fun. The players are still paper dolls against the weapons, just like Half-Life DM, but a Volvo-shovathon-to-the-death just has a certain caché.

Kesk and I beat up on Jon until he stopped launching rockets at us from the overwatch veranda and left, then set about having real fun. Flammabarrel hot potato entertained us briefly. We then decided to see what would happen if we piled all the flammabarrels up in one place on the second floor, piled everything else in the map on top of it, and then introduced a catalyst.

When I say everything I mean everything. We shoved the Volvos up there.

The results were disappointing - grenades had no effect and the barrels refused to explode more than one at a time. However, we discovered something else, albeit much less entertaining: so many physics objects all touching at once was apparently too much for either the physics engine or the netcode to handle and the objects all became fused in place. We managed to suck a few back off but they often didn't make it far.

This led to some interesting sculpture:

Defeated by our surprising inability to blow the entire pile sky high, we changed the map to Lockdown and had us a few rounds of crate skeet shooting.