Fastest nameserver update ever

Wed, Mar 23rd, 2005 | 9:49am

I dunno how this stuff works exactly, but I switched the site to a new host, and instead of the expected 1-3 days of inconsistency and lost e-mail while the DNS servers got their act together, the change was immediate. I'm not complaining.

The switch was only slightly rough otherwise, complicated by the fact that Monseigneur Eubank's friendly server setup encouraged me to new heights of lazy and at times deprecated PHP, but eased by the host's lightning quick responses to the few things that went wrong and weren't my fault.

The change comes for good reason - I need bandwidth. A lot of my newer work that I would add to the woefully out-of-date and somewhat inappropriately titled Art page consists of little movies, not stills, and as much as I would like to mention one last time for the record that I appreciate my old host's hospitality, the residential SDSL line he ran the server on wasn't really enough to handle it. My posting an image on the SA forums was usually enough to slashdot the whole affair - but not any more.

Yes, this means that the woefully out of date Art page will soon be fixed up yet again with newer work that portrays my talents in a more favorable light. The RSL shaders alone look pretty cool.

One temporary casualty of the move is the ol' Liberator website. The subdomain is missing because I'd have to do even more PHP repairs on the Lib stuff to make it apisnetworks compatible, which I'm going to put off for a while, meaning probably indefinitely. If any old crew are reading this, I have all the old logs and posts safely saved and archived, and they will be restored to their dusty glory as soon as I get around to it. Fear not.

Oh, and the background persists for the duration of a site session now, so you still get the variety without loading an extra 30k every page.