Four more years! Four more years!

Fri, Jun 17th, 2005 | 1:48am

College ended rather suddenly and unimpressively at the end of last month, and I didn't even have time to drink myself into a stupor before poorly timed leases forced me out of the state nearly the moment finals ended. Under any other circumstances I fully appreciate such extradition, but there's a number of people I now won't be seeing again for a long time, if ever, and finals week was unfortunately not terribly conducive to the degree of people-seeing I'll need to tide me over in their absence. If you know what I mean.

On the complete other side of the coin, it seems I have been finally inducted into the order of the Raven as prophesied in the Lunarian Chronicles so very long ago, despite occasional biting satire on my part of some of their publisher's other games (see previous update). I can be described as excited. Raven can be described as being located in Madison, which can in turn be described as the capitol of Wisconsin, which is "distinguished as being the only State Capitol ever built on an isthmus." Badass.

I don't start work until the end of this month, which gives me until then to find an apartment, a mattress, and apply for a cat hunting license. I'm sure I will make all sorts of strange, new friends in this strange, new (and oft-stereotyped) land, and have many adventures.

Before all that garbage I have to finish this map:

I was dragging with Byzantine and continually rebuilding things I wasn't happy with so I decided to take a break from it and finish this Q1SP I started years ago. I have no clue what I originally intended to build in the empty spaces because I never wrote it down, so I'm just making up new stuff. I still need to build an important chunk of the middle and replace the start area with something that isn't a boring hole between rocks, but monsters/testing should go quickly, so come back soon. And download Fitzquake.

While we're posting screenshots, I was randomly compelled a few weeks ago to make a Dawn of War skirmish map, because Kesk/Danzig/RausVonHaus/ whateverhescallednow and I were wearying of the originals and were unimpressed with the ones he'd gleaned off the interweb. Thus:

It's an abandoned fortress in the desert (huh!). Just for gits and shiggles I have called it 'Coriolis Force' just so I can tell people I finally finished it. That will be uploaded as soon as I write a readme for it, which will definitely happen soon because it has to happen before I sign anything that says 'Activision' on it due to possible conflict of interest and the rigamarole with the lawyers and the hey.

I have the nagging feeling there were at least two completely irreverent and pointless little other things I wanted to update about, but the feeling hasn't nagged enough to conjure up any images of what they actually were. It's probably for the best.