On Imitation, and Flattery

Thu, Sep 29th, 2005 | 4:14pm

On the left, Lun3DM4, by me, from April 2003. On the right, UCMP-DM- 1on1-Derelict, supposedly by Barballs, from a few months ago.

(Special thanks to Joe Swinback, investigative field reporter.)

The author and I have discussed, and he tells me that the lack of permission-asking was the result of not being able to find me since the lun3dm4 readme isn't in the CPM map pack with CPM23, and that the lack of readme credit was simply a mistake. He was planning a rerelease of the map anyway, and has apologized and assured me he'll remember due credit. He also had Insite update their review, so all is well.