Bats Can't Sleep

Tue, Apr 18th, 2006 | 11:14pm

Here are all of the things in this update:

1. I'm making a set of Quake4 textures. Yippee. I've been uninspired to make a map out of them, so I'll probably just lob them onto the internets as soon as I think they're ready. They are already in the hands of KungFuSquirrel, who has provided me with the following random preview shots so I don't have to bother knocking any up:

For the uninitiated, that's E2U2, the "power plant" textures, or the "black metal" textures, or the "black power" textures, depending on how out there you want to be in your description. I want to make a skybox to go along with the set, and indeed have already started one, but it's not done yet, and I don't plan to release the textures publically until it is. Two words: "big gun."

2. I made another Dawn of War map, and decided to put it on the internet as well, just to see if anyone notices. Not surprisingly, the theme is "snow."

Perhaps when the next expansion comes I can cap off a trilogy with something in a theme that would be more of a reach. And green, as is the standing rule.

3. The above is just what I managed to focus on long enough to push to a finished state. On the list of things I've started but not focused on long enough to push to a finished state are: messing with the FitzQuake source, a new clay maquette, a Q4 idBase texture set I wound up feeding to gibbie to roll into his Q4 idBase texture set, and cleaning my apartment.

4. There is no item 4. I just wanted to try and push the last few stupid updates farther down the page. no no, don't look at them.

5. Some of you may have heard that maps by me already exist for Quake4. Such news can be taken at face value. If you have the game all patched and happy, you've played them all. Others have already put their Quakely contributions on the net for all to see, and sooner or later I'm going to do that too if for no other reason than to stop voodoochopstiks from asking me in irc every other day what bits I worked on. KungFuSquirrel is already prepared to do so on his site pending Top Brass approval, and since a fair degree of my contribution involved working together with him, you could really just head over there and look for my name instead. By the time you read this, that link may actually lead to content.