That Game I Worked On That One Time

Tue, May 9th, 2006 | 12:44am

I've put up a bunch of information about the Q4 maps I did significant work on - both my responsibilities on them all and occasional tidbits about their sordid histories. It's available in the usual place. What's listed there isn't the only work I did on Quake4, merely the only work I did on Quake4 I'm sure you're really going to feel like looking at. Rest assured I spent most of the time fixing script bugs and reducing com_speeds.

While some of the other Quake designers spent so long on the project their work is all over the place, my brushwork is concentrated in few enough maps that I can list them individually and thus not have to rethink the format of my maps page for a little while longer. I'm more than happy to put that off, since it'll probably entail some huge project to merge the news, art, maps, and misc. content into one database format like the fancy website Andrew has (he cheated and got it at Kmart or something), as well as a global purge of any remaining double colons.