CPM23 in CPM Masters Cup XL

Sat, Sep 9th, 2006 | 7:55pm

I don't think anyone gets an actual cup out of the arrangement should they come out on top (certainly nothing comparing to the oversized Stanley), but good old Pull Ye Sox Up is in the pool for the CPM Masters Cup XL. I asked one of the EU admins, voodoochopstiks, how the pool works, and he says to me he says:

"One player picks one map each. It's a best of 3. If it's a draw after the second map, both players remove one map and the remainder is played. Think cpm23 will get quite a bit of play, partly because it's new and easier to beat the veterans on, since they have as little experience on it as the mediums. And also LuGia, who is a total LG whore who often hits 50% accuracy counts (did it on two maps out of three versus me in my CAL match today), and he's going to go pretty far and pick it alot I think, because it has no rail and is rather open."

It's a massive 128 player tourney bracket, so there's plenty of opportunity for CPM23 to come up (127 games have to be played, provided nobody defaults or whatever). There's going to be shoutcast commentary of games and everything. Hopefully demos will come of it as well.

This should be cool.