The Author

Circumstances have cast Matthew Breit as a northern midwest transplant in the only town in Texas to which he'd consider moving, which is Austin. He received a B.F.A. from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA in 2005, then joined the games industry by making a lot of Quake3 maps with birds in them. He's currently working as an environment artist at Lightbox Interactive, but the coolest job he still has ever had was giving tours of Chicago's history and architecture to rapt boatloads of tourists.

When he's not hiking up his pants and shaking his fist, he makes token efforts to stay current on the blockbuster games mainstream for as long as he can stand it, then catches his breath with artsy mods and indie games. He's also been known to enjoy film, drawing, bits of programming and web design, piano, sarcasm, and interactive side projects of his own.

The Site

This page's grandfather was tossed onto the internet years ago as a collection of my notes on multiplayer level design, and gradually evolved into a central presence for my own publicly released levels, then into a portfolio for those and my other artistic forays. At some point I also added a news page to point out updates and occasionally blather about whatever I felt would generally dilute the rest of the content.

The site is powered by a monstrous and evil thing I summoned in PHP and hope to never have to touch again. I could have easily gotten away with installing Wordpress or something similar, but I've always been both a tinker and someone who insists on doing as much as he can himself, because when I don't I usually find a million things I need or just don't like.

All content is me, from a long time ago to now, except where specified otherwise, in which case it probably belongs to id software.

What's with the babies?

News posts used to be accompanied by a little graphical emote I'd pick out of a set I stole from QMap, which they stole from UBB. I got sick of those, and I decided a cute gimmick would be to replace them with pictures of babies. Infants exhibit a wide range of emotion (or at least a wide range of facial contortions that can be interpreted as emotion) so they worked out rather well. Who doesn't like babies? They're cute.

They are not me as a baby - they're other people's babies that I've gleaned off the internet from a variety of random sites and disused family baby photo albums. In the extremely unlikely event that you recognize a baby on this site somewhere as one you yourself own, and this bothers you for some reason, you can probably find my email address somewhere on this page.

The original plan was cats, but it was a lot harder to find emotive cats than I thought.