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Fri, Apr 9th, 1999 | 9:00pm

All right. I will lay it on the table right now that I have never played nor even seen TeamFortress before. Ever. Yeah, yeah. I ran around in TFC yesterday for a little while. Didn't join any games (it's kind of hard to get a good game going when you're on AOL ... *ping!*), but I explored the maps and the classes and everything.

Boy, do I want a new ISP now more than anything. :) I'm thinking of adding TF stuff to the site, too, now. All the original connectivity, balance, and flow stuff still applies to TF, but I could put up an article or two on TF map gimmicks. What do you think? Want me to go from just DM Style to all-out Multiplayer Extravaganza? Mail me and let me know.