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Fri, Jun 11th, 1999 | 1:00pm

Better start archiving the news. Seems like every mapper with his own Map Outpost or Map Repository or Map Shack or whathaveyou is moving to PQ. Sooner or later they'll have to open up MappingPlanet. And if they do, I'll have to move there. :)

Saw an excellent interview with ztn (in lowercase letters, dammit!) on Q3Center. Not the usual boring interview, this is a mapper's interview. Go read it. Ooh, I'd love to know what those leet hardcore tricks he mentions are ...

In other news, the links section is updated, and the TFC essay should be up tomorrow. 'Soon as I write it. Also, that map I said I released? Don't download it. I uploaded the wrong damn BSP. Hopefully, I'll be able to correct the error and get the right file released, but until the WON dudes get back to me regarding removing the file (which may be a vain hope), I'm in trouble.