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Thu, Jul 15th, 1999 | 6:00pm

Brothers, I have had a revelation. It seems that whilst working on rebuilding a map of mine previously tucked away, I have discovered how to use hint brushes properly. Not only that, but I understand exactly what they do. So, like any good site, I am attempting to spread the gospel. ... or whatever. Hopefully, I'll be able to explain it a bit differently and make it more easy to understand. It would have gone in the Architecture section but it got so monstrous I put it in its own slot. Makes it easier to find, anyway.

An update has also gone into the clip brush section of Architecture regarding Half-Life's annoying invisible hangups. I have also added another page to this site to keep all my released maps on. The map mentioned above is close to completion, and only needs to be tested and tweaked more. And, I finally added a news archive page. w00p.

A new blurb will soon be added to the Layout section, regarding advanced planning and tactics. An okay map is separated from a great map by certain qualities that a layout has, such as the ability to double-back in certain areas, how often a player's back is exposed, ability to track enemies, how often a player will need to change levels, and other gimmicks such as the often popular hole-in-the-ceiling-above-the-RL.

On another front, I have learned from an unreliable source that the disembodied Q3:Arena commentary voice is being replaced. Apparently, some heads at id weren't quite satisfied with Xian's voice complementing the player in-game, so Todd Hollenshead has apparently hired out Sean Connery to re-record all the in-game commentary. However much the id sound department has deepened and tremolo'ed Xian's voice to add a more menacing, evil air, "Connery's voice is more familiar to the gamers," Hollenshead is reported as saying. While gibbing madly in Q3A, the happy deathmatcher will now hear such commentary as "Exshellent" and "Shoopuhb." New commentary is also being added, such as "You musht neveh hezhitate." It may be rationalized that this change comes from a recent flurry of accusations against id that their upcoming multiplayer-only game is not original enough. No matter the reason, this new change can only bring about more heated discussion.