Sun, Oct 17th, 1999 | 12:00am

Yes, you fools, of course I'm alive, but barely. I was invisible for a few weeks, then I took a short trip to the outside world, experimented briefly with the idea of being a plant, and never really updated at all.

At this rate, it doesn't look like any more updates are coming any time soon. I have plenty of aspirations for this site, IE, adding single-player info, a monstrous catalogue of links to every little article and tutorial on DM-mapping I can find, another stupid redesign, rewriting a few sections to upgrade/clarify them, and possibly a weekly analysis of PQ's DM-Levels-of-the-Week to point out their technical pros and cons ... BUT ... I don't hardly have much time for all that. Don't worry, this won't be another dumb update about my finals.

Most of my time is spent either working on the next great map from Lunaran, arguing with people on the QBoard, and just generally mucking about. And school, yeah.

For those of you who were kind enough to e-mail me suggestions, additions, and updates, thank you very much, and I apologize that I still haven't made you famous here. I do still have all of your names and e-mails, so eventually, it will be done.

Adieu for now!