Spring Break

Thu, Mar 30th, 2000 | 1:00am

I hate to force everyone to do this, but I'm going to have to post an update to Lun3DM1. I know patches suck, but this problem zipped through the first time. It's kind of stupid and obvious, but it still did. :) The bot navigation files I put in the map are wrong and don't do anything, which may b0rk the botplay. I'm going to update the map with fixed bot nav entities, plus teamplay location markers so you know where you are in teamplay and various other detailed bits involving mapmodels. Oh, yeah, and music.

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely I'll get that update out before I leave for a week-long vacation this Saturday (april first, which means I won't get to see what neat gags all the sites play as well). Everyone who I've mailed telling them to hold off on one thing or another regarding Coriolis can go ahead and do that thing because I don't want to make you wait for a whole week more. It's taken long enough already.

The reason is because this room is being painted, and all the computers are disconnected. This one's up and limping, but it is in no state to compile a map (it continually pauses every ten seconds for one thing). :(

Thanks a whole lot to all the fans who've sent me their props on Coriolis Storm. It's really a pleasure knowing you all enjoyed my map so much. So far, my beauty's been given A+ by Alcatraz at The Big House, a 4.5/5 by 1ntr1ns1c at Burial Grounds (where I was also interviewed, so go have a read), and a 4.5/5 by Z_Buffer at Z-Axis. All excellent reviews. :)

Three servers I know of running this map are Burial Ground's FFA3 (, DVC's Snake Pit ( ), and Fragland's which I believe is orion.fragland.net:27960 (just yoinked that off their info page, but I'm sure it's the right one).

Lastly, Fragland has changed the URL of this site. You now should change bookmarks/otherwise to point to fragland.net/lunaran/. LtCmdrLun is my e-mail address, and besides being difficult to remember it isn't my name. (The old ltcmdrlun address will still work for you slow people/residents of Iowa). Thanks go to the Fragland staff for their grace in hosting ability. :)

If you want to know my extended plans, I am currently working with the Q3A: Blitz mod, and have been since before lun3dm1 was released. Sorry to everyone who wants me to join their mod, but it ain't going to happen. You can count on every map I do for that mod being as unique as Coriolis is, though, and there's always the chance I'll like a mod enough to do a map for it (I know a lot of people would just wet themselves over a 'Coriolis'-style RA3 map). On the non-mod-related front, my old project Let's Drink Beer and Shoot Things has gotten me interested again, so I'm starting to get into rebuilding that (it's a killer layout I don't want to waste). It will be nearly all custom textures, in what I'm currently calling LunBase, since I am in some ways following the path of Ikka Keränen's skillful IkBase set.

After or during that project, I think a Capture the Flag version of Coriolis Storm is definitely in order. :) I need a good way of testing that with humans, though, like a LAN or a reserved server, because I don't trust the bots to play adequately enough to provide good basic gameplay testing. (I also know next to spit about the dynamics of CTF mapping compared to my DM articles here.) If that gave any server ops the idea to offer their servers for whatever purposes, thanks a lot, but you can hold your horses for a good month or two at least.

I'll give a good status report once I get back, but until then, Lunaran out.