Highway Surfing

Mon, Apr 10th, 2000 | 2:00am

I'm back, and I have merchandise purchased at Stuckey's to prove it. Announcements:

The Lun3DM1 update is done, and the file is available at the maps page. Changes (ripped from the text file since I'm too lazy to rewrite it all):

Botplay entities repaired. Minor architectural and visual bugs fixed (a few overlapping brushes/z-fighting, HOM). Locational markers added for teamplay. Tiny details added here and there. Text file added to pak file to ensure it stays with the pak during autodownloads.

Music has been added, but only as an option. The music isn't new, but is track #9 from Aliens vs Predator. Some people don't like to play with music, and would probably not be happy downloading a huge file just to delete it, so the music is instead only available as a SEPARATE FILE. In order to hear the music, you have to download lun3dm1.wav from my site or somewhere else on the rare chance it gets mirrored, or rip it yourself if you have the game as well. Lun3dm1.wav must be placed in baseq3/music/.

Release 2 also denoted by a small "V2" in the bottom left corner of the preview picture (levelshots/lun3dm1.jpg).

A link to the music has been added to the maps page as well. Maybe sometime I'll have an all-new music file written, but until then ... Oh, one other thing: the wav file is not stereo. Quake3 gets upset and mentions this in the console, but still plays the sound (at least for me, anyway), and there wasn't any stereo variation to the music anyway so what the hell! I've saved 11 megs.

I'm happy to say that a friend of mine provided me with a copy of the original text file for The Complex. My first ever Quake2 map is now available for download. No eraser route available, since I'd have to reinstall Quake2 and bugger with all that.

Phat Link of the Day: The Creonomicon, Guf's own library of essays and articles about mapping.