Music Available

Wed, Apr 12th, 2000 | 1:00am

Like the title says, the music file is now available. Enjoy. Oh, and it's not zipped because wave files do not zip well. (You may notice that the Q3 music waves *cough* aren't zipped in pak0 for the same reason.)

BTW, Coriolis Storm has been downloaded 3500+ times. :)

I have just learned that our beloved QBoard is now officially closed. While I'll miss the friends, the discussions, and the communication, it's his decision and his board, and he closed it for the right reasons.

What worries me now is that we have less of a way of public networking. We can update our sites, sure, and e-mail each other, but neither are the same as a public mapping forum ... but we'll get by.

*** Lunaran salutes.