The Stuckey's of Custom Mapping

Sun, Apr 30th, 2000 | 7:00am

In case you haven't heard, which you have, Peej'n'Frib'n'DaMaul'n'Shambler's has now also closed. :(

On the other hand, it would seem that some sort of bastard child of PnF and the QBoard has been born. Something like QMap or something, I dunno. Looks vaguely promising in a way. I've diligently gone over each web page and replaced the qboard and pnf links with links to QMap.

Hope it doesn't put me out of a job. Which, conventiently enough, leads me to a second point!

I'm entertaining the idea of adding a "Reader Comments" section to each mapping article. They wouldn't be discussion forums, they'd be a place where people who stop by can dynamically (what a great word) add their own comments and addendi to each article. Provided anyone reads them ...

Speaking of which (I love these segues), I have added an addendum to the Hint Brush article, updating the information for Q3A.