I'm better now

Sat, Jun 10th, 2000 | 10:00pm

I found a backup copy of the map, returned q3r to a clean working version 197, and the map is off to my beta testers.

I have implemented the mp3-wav compression download method for lun3dm1.wav. You now have to download (if you haven't got the music already) lun3dm1.MP3 and convert it to a wav file with WinAmp's diskwrite plugin. Handy thing, that.

Lun3dm2 will probably not have music. Sorry. On the other hand, I've gotten kinda jazzed on making a Coriolis Storm SP level or even series of levels for one of the upcoming Q3SP mods (whichever one actually succeeds in becoming not vaporware). Title? Coriolis Force, of course. :)