CSSP Skin Contest Announced

Sun, Jul 2nd, 2000 | 1:00am

I have now decided on a fixed course of action which will keep me occupied for the next several months (possibly as long as November, but I'm not taking any bets). Besides my work with Blitz, I will be creating a single-player unit for the upcoming Quake3:Arena Single Player mod by the Milk Team guys. Deathmatch has tired me, but only a little - not as much as putting up with the bots. The mod and the team look like a lot of fun to work with, and hopefully they'll be able to implement the ideas I give them.

Here's the exciting part: the Q3-SP unit will indeed be an expanson of the Coriolis Storm theme. It will not follow Milk-Q3:SP's main storyline nor use much of their material besides the code and various UI stuff. All the textures are being done by me, the story has been planned by me, and level construction will of course be done by me.

There is one catch. 99% of the monsters in CSSP (as I'm calling it) will use the Quake3 player models, since the story involves all humans anyway and Paul Steed has created a nice mix of characters to work with. (The player's character will be Doom, although CSSP is not related at all to the storyline of Doom.) However, none of their skins fit the Coriolis Storm theme. That's why I'm setting up a little contest of sorts.

I need to find a skinner who can create at least ten original, quality skins for the Q3A player models for use in the Coriolis Storm SP unit. I'm not going to take any standard applications, however - I don't want to see any previous examples of your work. Instead, you must create a skin for the Doom model, the CSSP protagonist.

  • The skin must give Doomguy the appearance that he is a well-worn desert commando, the kind of person you might see kicking ass in a Coriolis Storm SP unit. This means matching the color scheme of mainly dull oranges, browns, and yellows and paying careful attention to creative details (like a bird circling in the sky and a thin haze on the lower level ;) ).
  • The only part of the original Doom skins I am allowing you to reuse/recolor is the helmet and the glass faceplate. Any skins that reuse or recolor any more of the Doom skin or any other skin than the helmet and the glass faceplate will not be considered. (however, I might let you get away with reusing some other part if you don't reuse the helmet and faceplate. ;) )
  • By noon of August 1st, 2000, the author of the best Doom skin in my possession will be my new partner, and CSSP will have 1 new skin. I do not reserve ownership of all contest submissions, nor do I reserve ownership of the winning contest submission. I do reserve the right to declare no winners if I don't get any skins that are to my liking. The winner will receive more than full credit for his work once CS-SP is released, and I will usually refer to it as "CS-SP by Lunaran and <your name here>."
  • Applicants should be willing to put up with lots of artistic and creative suggestions from me, and should also be able to finish all the appropriate skins by the time I finish the level construction and texturing or shortly thereafter. I am willing to give leeway if I manage to finish all the levels really quickly (which I really doubt). Oh, yeah, and nobody who expects they're going to suddenly completely disappear anytime within the next few months due to Real Life issues.

    If you aren't sure it's worth applying for, may I remind you that Coriolis Storm DM was published in Computer Gaming World, and if the trend continues, your work might wind up there (or elsewhere!) as well.

    I look forward to the submissions, and I sure as hell better get some!