There's a Storm approaching ...

Tue, Aug 1st, 2000 | 3:00am

Believe it or not everyone, I specifically avoided updating the news for a whole month just to keep the skin info at the top of the page.* I had lots of great stuff to post, but I held off, and now I've forgotten it all. Oh, well. probably wasn't too important.

As of now, you've got about ten hours left if you plan to submit a skin. I haven't heard a thing from anyone other than Harlequin, author of Aze and Peach among other skins, who pulled an all-nighter and has already turned in his submission. The desert storm camouflage was such a perfect touch. Check out his front in this shot - where's he standing? Doesn't look like anywhere in Lun3DM1 ... :)

Lots of texturing and planning has been going on for Coriolis Force, which is now up to 7 planned levels, 2 new weapons (or maybe 3, depending on ... stuff), and 18 new enemies! Er, to be honest, it's really only 9, with two of them having secondary versions and one of them coming in seven different varieties. They're different enough that I'd consider them different enemies, however. The story is all planned, some of the levels have been sketched out, monsters drawn, and props created. Each level is going to be filled with goodness - you're going to see some fairly incredible things you've never seen playing single player in an id game before ... and maybe also some things you have. :)

I am not, however, going to spoil the surprises or the neat content by releasing screenshots every week or even every month - I'm taking the 3D realms route and keeping the details under wraps so the goodness concentrated in this package stays that way, instead of being drawn out over the next six months.

It's going to take a lot longer than I thought ... it will definitely be finished before I leave for college, that I can guarantee. There is, however, something else that I've agreed to do that will take up almost all of my time until the end of summer, and maybe beyond if I stick with it. CF is where my heart lies, however ... it's really got me excited.

For now, that's all she wrote. I leave you with a link to the minimalist Quake3:SinglePlayer site, for which CF is being created. me out.

* really!