The Q3 Bots Bumrape Lunaran Again

Tue, Oct 10th, 2000 | 3:00am

To all of you who are having problems with Lun3DM1 after installing the 1.25 patch, do not despair. You aren't alone.

As soon as id releases the new bspc.exe so I can rebuild the bot .AAS files, I'll release updates for both Coriolis Storm and Let's Drink Beer and Shoot Things.

In the meantime, you can play any good map available at The Big House, or download one from Killer, Fingers, Peej, or ztn.

</shameless pluggage>

In other news, I'll soon be replacing news and banner code with some newfangled javascript those crazy Fraglanders have provided me with. I'll undoubtedly screw it up at first, so you are forewarned.