PHP, SQL, DM, CF, and other abbreviations

Sun, Oct 29th, 2000 | 7:00am

I decided the best way to first flex my PHP and SQL muskles was to create some kind of InstaPoll. But, for a while I couldn't think of anything to ask. :) Finally, I came up with something and spent three freakin' hours getting this up and running just because I care about what you think so much.

See, this morning I took a field trip to the coal power plant in Waukegan, IL. Good God, did I want a camera: mapping inspiration out the wazoo. Heat and grime out the wazoo, too, and donuts, which was nice, but predominantly inspiration. What I want to know from you adoring fans and miscellaneous drifters is:

Should I put off making Coriolis Force long enough to make another
Deathmatch map based on said inspiration?

Heck no. It'll take too long, you've made enough deathmatch maps, and we wanna see more cool Coriolis stuff and/or single player in Quake3.
Heck yeah. Single player blows, a deathmatch map won't take that long, and we wanna see something new.
Screw both of them and make a map for CTF/WFA/Q3F/Counterstrike or some other mod you're not actually going to make a map for.

There's nothing to stop you from voting a zillion times other than your own conscience, so just don't fuck it up, okay?