Poll Closed - Results and Decision

Sat, Nov 4th, 2000 | 7:00pm

At first, while news of the poll was posted only at QMap and hadn't found its way to PQ yet, the coal plant map was way ahead. After that ... well, those PQ bastards didn't post the news and the coal plant map stayed way ahead in the poll. E-mail them and tell them they suck.

27 votes
48 votes
4 votes

I wondered if any of you who voted really knew what you were talking about. I'm convinced if you all had a better perspective on the question at hand more of you would have preferred to see Coriolis Force continue. Since so many of you have partisanly decided you just want to see another ol deathmatch map from me, I've decided I'm gonna teach you sods proper and keep working on Coriolis Force.

That is, I'll keep saying I'm working on Coriolis Force. Can't actually get back to it just yet. And whose to say after CF is done I won't decide to unwind and make a nice deathmatch map? I think I'll just give a bunch of textures and stuff to Bal and let him do it. :)