Who the Hell is Lunaran?

Sat, Nov 18th, 2000 | 11:00pm

Stupid AOL. I go to get rid of that accursed LTCMDRLUN account since it's so confusing, with plans to take simply Lunaran. And it's bloody already taken. So I'm forced into Lunaran2@aol.com. Numbers are for losers like DarthV19741338 and Liz2000004. I go to e-mail Lunaran and demand to know just what he's doing wearing my name, and what's it say? The username Lunaran does not exist. :P

AOL restricts a SN from being used for five years after it was deleted, to prevent people impersonating you. Five years! ugh.

I always was proud of the fact that Lunaran was such a unique word it hadn't been thought of by anyone else. There's a million Killers and Gunslingers and Morphei out there in the community, but only one (damn good) Lunaran. Not only was this screen-name fiasco extremely irritating, it was kind of surprising. Maybe it's some Philipino guy wot's actually named Lunaran or something.

Just to test this out, I did a google.com search for "Lunaran." 98% of the returns were stuff related to me - my site, posts I've made on message boards, reviews of Lun3DM1 and 2, etc. But there was some interesting unrelated stuff.

  • There were lots of sci-fi stories that referred to people and things from the moon as Lunaran (you know, like an adjective) including Seclusion, Specter, some zephyr thing I can't get at because AOL sucks, and Return of the Forlorn.
  • Here's a character bio on a Neutral-Good Mith'Quessir Grey Elf named Lord Larathesalathsa Lunaran. And I thought ltcmdrlun was a mouthful.
  • Who would want to name their kid Lunaran? More importantly, who the hell would name their kid Lunch?
  • Hey, my site was featured at CAP-N-YO-ASS: Links That Don't Suck! It's not unrelated to me but it's good to know.
  • The Office of War Chancellor Kitten Lunaran. WTF?
  • Yikes. Not my best, surely.
  • There's an amusing IRC quote by me at TeamShambler, as well as an old Beetle-infested IRC Log at, uh, TeamShambler also.

    That's everything out of 150 matches. ! So maybe I was right ... but who was Lunaran@aol.com?

    Oh, yeah, and in case you hadn't noticed, my e-mail address has changed to lunaran2@aol.com.