Mon, Nov 27th, 2000 | 1:00am

My god! This site's now linked from PnF's! Calls for a bit of redecoration, doesn't it? The brown and white was looking a bit too much like Quake.

Redesign is nothing majorly important organization-wise, it just looks better. Some links won't work, e.g., the links page isn't up. All suggestions/updates/corrections sent to me by alert readers have been added save one, which I'm holding on to for a later addition. Expect new stuff in several forms "when its done." A new tutorial on advanced techniques that go beyond the usual even-balance-clean-layout stuff, illustrating how all the other tutorials' subjects all tie together to affect gameplay, plus hopefully more if I can get it, is floating around my head right now. A better links page is in the works.

And, if you're interested, a screenshot of some level or other that I'm working on or something is up at on the maps page. Go enjoy it.