Well, thanks so much Mr. Duffy, for giving us 8 times the mapping volume and making us buy Q3TA to get it. Nobody is actually going to be fucking able to make maps any bigger than the usual 4892 grid limits for fear of shutting out anyone who - however inconceivable this may seem - didn't buy Q3TA! Now, not only are we having to fork over another 35 bucks for an "add-on" that does a mediocre job of raising the game up to a level almost, but not quite, where it should have been when it was fucking released a year ago, mappers can't utilize any of the nice new features they're including with the "add-on" for the benefit of anyone who has decided they would rather not be shafted a total 85 dollars for two thirds of a game.


On the lighter side of today's coin, a) I've added stupid random quotes in the corner in a fit of creativity, and b) here's a tasteless IRC snippet.

<than> shambler was buggering himself with a cucumber and half of it snapped off and he had to go to hospital to have it removed from his anus. I think you would be hostile if that happened to you, Rush.