Lunaran Saves the World

Sun, Jan 7th, 2001 | 1:00am

Yes, that's right. By sheer dumb idiot luck I accidentally found the solution to the slow-loading woes (of death and despair). I can't really brag about it since I didn't exactly work real hard to find the solution or anything but I'm still pretty damn happy.

Join me in next week's episode as I save an elderly woman from an evil flaming shopping cart intent on elderly carnage. Hey, maybe if I get good enough at accidentally solving problems I can pull an experienced C programmer out of my arse to code for Coriolis Force.

First I was going to use the Q3SP codebase the Milk Team was going to provide me with, but they gave up on the project early. Then, Hypnos told me about a massive SP/Scripting mod he had already done for Quake3, but that he wouldn't have time to tie it up and give it to me until after Christmas. He hasn't been seen for 3 weeks now.

I'm still going to give him a while to resurface but you're more than welcome to help if you're interested in doing any of the following:

  • SP Infrastructure code: things like difficulty, level changes, game saving, intermissions, HUD, and inventory.
  • Monster code: stuff like movement and behavior—I'm not looking for incredible AI, just non-stupid monsters with diverse behavior.
  • SP Entities: along the lines of trains, scripts, special effects, and items

    None of it's terribly hard - it's just a matter of gutting all of Q3A's deeply deathmatch-specific internal workings and SP-izing them. E-mail me if you can/want to fill the position.