Best Map:
  Coriolis Storm
Best Texture Set:
  Coriolis Storm
Best Mapper:
I'm quite happy to announce that skinner/modeller and Coriolis Force partner Harlequin has awarded me the QBranch Gold Star. Thanks to Harley for the shiny yellow, well, image and to everyone who voted in Harlequin's election doohickey. I understand there was only one vote? A shame, since there are an awful lot of other nice maps out there that deserve mention (Fr3DM1, Bal3DM3, MKFingers, and Addiction to name a couple) as well as bloody nice texture sets (MKOxide by me, MeatPak by Pete Parisi, and Evil 1 thru 6 by Evil). Have I mentioned that? Anyway, I wish I had some way to pay Harlequin back for this award, but I do think I've got some way to make it up to him ... more on that later.

I'm also happy to announce that someone has made a Max the Rabbit player model, but unfortunately I'm less than happy to report that it's a rather botty one. Shame.

What makes me happiest of all to report, however, is that the Coriolis Force team now consists of a mapper (me), a skinner (Harlequin), and a new coder! More on that later as well.

Work on Coriolis Force should resume sometime soon. I've come up with an idea that should allow me to get a bite on my freelance work, and finals are over this week which should allow me a brief interlude of freedom to get it all out of the way once and for all, I've got something in the back of my mind I'd like to bang out really quickly to keep you all happy (more on THAT later :D ), and then it's back to the desert world. I still haven't named that darn planet. Suggestions?